• CPR masks and surgical face masks
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Thermometers and splinter probes
  • Rescue blankets and sleeping bags
  • Latex Gloves and Nitrile Gloves
  • Contact us on 0274 578 780

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  • CPR Face Shield

    CPR Face Shield With One Way Valve

    $1.50 Excl GST
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  • CPR Key Ring Pouch

    CPR Key Ring Pouch

    $7.70 Excl GST
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  • CPR Pocket Mask

    CPR Pocket Mask

    $25.00 Excl GST
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  • Rescue Shears

    Rescue Shears

    $1.70$2.48 Excl GST
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  • Nursing Scissors Sharp:Blunt

    Nursing Scissors Sharp/Blunt

    $4.63 Excl GST
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  • scissors


    $1.13 Excl GST
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  • tweezers

    Tweezers – 3 Types

    $0.48$2.35 Excl GST
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  • Splinter Probes

    Splinter Probes, Box of 100 or Cards of 5

    $1.00$16.25 Excl GST
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  • Silver Rescue Blanket

    Silver Rescue Blanket

    $2.00 Excl GST
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  • Safety Pins - x10

    Safety Pins

    $0.50 Excl GST
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  • Placeholder

    Thermometer Digital

    $11.25 Excl GST
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  • latex gloves

    Latex Gloves, Lightly Powdered and Powder Free

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  • Nitrile Black Disposable Gloves

    Nitrile Black Disposable Gloves

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  • First Aid Signs

    First Aid Signs

    $15.00$18.50 Excl GST
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  • Accident Register

    Accident Register A4

    $48.10 Excl GST
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Showing all 15 results