Plaster Range

Plaster Range. Includes: Waterproof Plastic Plasters, Hard Wearing Fabric Plasters, Blue Detectable Food Industry Plasters

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  • Plastic Plasters Regular

    Plastic Plasters Regular Box of 50

    $2.25$45.00 Excl GST
  • Fabric Plasters Boxes

    Fabric Plasters Boxes of 50 or 100

    $2.40$46.40 Excl GST
  • Help-It Fabric Fingertip Plasters
  • Fabric Plasters Assorted

    Fabric Plasters Assorted

    $1.98$9.88 Excl GST
  • Fabric Plasters Extra Wide
  • Fabric Dressing Strip
  • Blue Detectable Standard Plasters
  • Blue Detectable Shaped Plasters,
  • Blue Detectable Dressing Strip
  • Blue Medical Tape
  • Wound Closure Strips
  • First Aid Latex Gloves

    First Aid Vinyl Gloves

    $1.23$3.68 Excl GST
  • first aid tips booklet

    First Aid Tips Booklet

    $1.00 Excl GST
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